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Still my favourite note taking app

I've tried many note taking apps over the years (The only free ones I would really only recommend Apple Notes but that's only if you live completely under the Apple ecosystem)

In my option, EVERNOTE is still best over all. It's easy to use(which is my number one requirement), has the ability to drag and drop pretty much any document, and I can edit within the note to make my notes look sexy to share with my colleagues.

The only drawback - It is expensive. My solution is that I would only upgrade if I am working on a project. (I don't usually have 1 G worth of notes on my off days)

Interesting enough on their website there are only Free, Premium, and Business plans, but once you sign up for Free, you get the option of 'Plus' which is a nice middle ground at only $50 a year.

Sign up for free, and then upgrade it within the app.

Evernote is blocked in China though, so I switch to 印象筆記 while working in China. Keep in mind the Chinese version don't work well outside of China(all images have to go through a firewall which makes syncing images to your own note extremely slow)

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